BA in Healthcare Management

The BA in Healthcare Management produces skilled executives on Health Administration and Economics. Specifically, it covers a wide range of must-have knowledge and vital skills that are now considered necessary by health professionals to address current problems of administration and finance, both in designing, planning and managing of health services.

Programme rationale

The importance of education in Health and Management has always considered an important element due to the crucial provision of health care services from different organizations as well as the notable risks that are related to health care provision to a different number of people. The rationale of the programme is to enable students to gain skills in planning, organizing and monitoring healthcare organizations rather than technical skills. This programme also relies on the rational that management is related to a systematic approach of organizations in related industries therefore it is important that students understand how healthcare systems and organizations can function efficiently. Additionally, the programme is designed based on the rationale that the health care industry requires highly skilful managers while dealing with their crucial health care provision towards management of finances, organizing employees and resources in healthcare facilities, and daily general operations of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other related organizations. The program has an interdisciplinary basis, focusing on Management and Health Economics (hospital administration, human resources, total quality management, financing and planning of health services, economic evaluation), but also negotiation and basic subjects in the fields of Public Health of Epidemiology, Sociology of Health and Sanitary Engineering, designed to educate students on the wider field.

Programme learning outcomes

Upon completion of this Bachelor students will be able:

  1. To manage issues related to an organisational environment and apply conceptual principles, methods and tools to solve Healthcare Management related problems
  2. To streamline processes and procedures to meet challenges and excel under intense competition
  3. To adopt an ethical approach in Healthcare Management
  4. To critically asses collected data, analyse and interpret findings to make informed decisions
  5. To successfully apply skills in basic principles and theories within the healthcare sector
  6. To function as equipped healthcare professionals
  7. To proceed with further studies and research, as they will have set a solid basis towards that direction

Entry Requirements

The general admission requirements for entry to Unicaf University Uganda Bachelor degree programmes are as outlined below.  Students are advised to contact the Office of Admissions to find out more about the range of equivalent international academic qualifications accepted.

  • Regular admission to a Bachelor degree programme requires the 5 passes on the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE); and two principal passes on the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) obtained at the same sitting; or international equivalent when approved by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB). Applicants aged 25 and above who have 5 UCE passes and have passed the Mature Entry Examination with at least 50% or above from an approved Higher Education Institution may also be considered for entry.
  • Applicants with a Diploma obtained at credit in a related field of study may be considered for entry.
  • English proficiency; Grade 6 (Credit) or better on the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or equivalent
  • Up to date CV
  • Copy of valid passport or national ID

In addition to a strong academic record, extra-curricular activities, leadership skills and other relevant background information may be taken into account.

Programme Outline

Foundation Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-BA-IND100-UG Induction Module 0.00

Year 1

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-HCM-1000-UG Introduction to Health Care Management Services and Health Organisations 4.00
UU-HCM-1010-UG Managing Human Resources for Health Care Organizations 4.00
UU-ASV-1001-UG Administrative Services in Health Care Organizations & Psychology 4.00
UU-HCM-1050-UG Comparative Health Care Contexts 4.00
UU-HCM-1060-UG Psychosocial Context of Health 4.00
UU-HCM-1020-UG Marketing for Health Care Service Organizations 4.00
UU-HCM-1030-UG Health Care, Mechanics of Insurance and Reimbursement 4.00
UU-HCM-1040-UG Health Care Operations Management 4.00
UU-HCM-1070-UG Old Age in a Caring Facility 4.00
UU-HCM-1080UG Comparative Health Care Systems and the Policy Process 4.00

Year 2

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-HCM-2000-UG Technology Applications in Health Care Organizations 4.00
UU-HCM-2010-UG Public Versus Private Health Care Organizations & Management 4.00
UU-HCM-2020-UG Quality Control and Improvement in Health Care Organizations 4.00
UU-HCM-2015-UG Healthcare Informatics 4.00
UU-HCM-2050-UG Leadership and its Application to Healthcare 4.00
UU-HCM-2030-UG Health Care Risk Management 4.00
UU-OBD-2010-UG Organizational Behaviour & Development 4.00
UU-LAW-2040-UG Health Care Law and Compliance 4.00
UU-HCM-2060-UG Healthcare Innovation 4.00
UU-HCM-2070-UG Decision Making in Healthcare 4.00

Year 3

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-HCM-3010-UG Epidemiology & Public Health 4.00
UU-HCM-3020-UG Health Care Research & Statistics 4.00
UU-ECO-3025-UG Economics in Health Care Management Industry 4.00
UU-HCM-3030-UG Health Care Management Planning 4.00
UU-HCM-3035-UG A Social Science of Health and Illness 4.00
UU-HCM-3040-UG Health Care Ethics & Human Rights 4.00
UU-HCM-3045-UG Health Care Policy 4.00
UU-HCM-3050-UG Sustainable Business Strategy in Health Care Organizations 4.00
UU-HCM-3025-UG Healthcare Research II: Design, Data and Analysis 4.00
UU-IPR-4000-UG Internship and Project report 4.00
BA in Healthcare Management
Course Information
  • Delivery Mode: Blended Learning
  • Programme Type: Bachelor of Arts