BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management

The BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management sets out to provide the student with the necessary tools and competencies to add value to any tourism and/or hospitality organization. The variety and scope of the courses offered provide a sound grounding for entry-level supervisory/managerial personnel and offer valuable ground for further studies.

Programme rationale

Studying hospitality and tourism opens many career doors. It is about people, since relationships and people are a big part of business. There are many areas of hospitality and tourism – understanding the different divisions and how they all come together, coupled with good communication skills – that will help grow those relationships.

Programme objectives

The objectives of the programme are the following:

  1. To collect and analyze data for the purpose of resolving issues directly related to the hospitality industry
  2. To develop ‘soft skills’
  3. To effectively and efficiently interact within an organization
  4. To problem-solve both individually and in teams
  5. To effectively use resources in order to ‘learn how to learn’

Programme learning outcomes

Upon completion of this Bachelor students will be able:

  1. To analyze and apply problem-solving on Hospitality-related issues as well as evaluate the role of internships within the Hospitality industry
  2. To utilize and operate relevant Hospitality software programmes as well as utilize technological developments in the Hospitality industry
  3. To forecast and adjust to the trends in the Hospitality industry including identification of impacts of culture within the Hospitality industry, interpret and analyze environmental impacts and explore strategies for  tourism retention in Hospitality industry
  4. To identify the functional areas of a Hospitality operation and their complex relationships as well as exploit the positive impacts of disciplines related to the Hospitality industry. In this way, enabling students to work in a diverse Hospitality industry environment and be able to adjust and operate within a multidisciplinary context including effective plan for peak seasonal hospitality season
  5. To utilize a multitude of academic tools in order to resolve problems and formulate arguments as a way to synthesize theoretical aspects with real-life Hospitality-related issues.


Entry Requirements

The general admission requirements for entry to Unicaf University Uganda Bachelor degree programmes are as outlined below.  Students are advised to contact the Office of Admissions to find out more about the range of equivalent international academic qualifications accepted.

  • Regular admission to a Bachelor degree programme requires the 5 passes on the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE); and two principal passes on the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) obtained at the same sitting; or international equivalent when approved by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB). Applicants aged 25 and above who have 5 UCE passes and have passed the Mature Entry Examination with at least 50% or above from an approved Higher Education Institution may also be considered for entry.
  • Applicants with a Diploma obtained at credit in a related field of study may be considered for entry.
  • English proficiency; Grade 6 (Credit) or better on the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) or equivalent
  • Up to date CV
  • Copy of valid passport or national ID

In addition to a strong academic record, extra-curricular activities, leadership skills and other relevant background information may be taken into account.

Programme Outline

Foundation Courses

Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-BA-IND100-UG Induction Module 0.00

Year 1

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-HOM-1010-UG Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management 4.00
UU-HOM-1015-UG Tourism Marketing 4.00
UU-HOM-1020-UG Introduction to Service Management 4.00
UU-HOM-1030-UG Food Science 4.00
UU-HOM-1040-UG Food and Beverage Management 4.00
UU-HRM-2000-UG Human Resource Management in the Hospitality Industry 4.00
UU-HOM-2020-UG The Tourist Behaviour and Culture 4.00
UU-HOM-2050-UG Tourism and Transport 4.00
UU-HOM-3000-UG Cultural Geography 4.00
UU-ASV-3503-UG Administrative Service 4.00

Year 2

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-HOM-3001-UG Intercultural Communication 4.00
UU-HOM-3010-UG : Event Management & Public Relations 4.00
UU-HOM-3020-UG Hotel Management 4.00
UU-HOM-3050-UG Bar Management 4.00
UU-HOM-3060-UG Restaurant Operations Management 4.00
UU-HOM-3030-UG Efficient Operations in the Hotel and Tourism Sector 4.00
UU-HOM-3037-UG Managing Quality in Service Organizations 4.00
UU-HOM-3040-UG Conflict Management in Tourism Organizations 4.00
UU-HOM-3070-UG Front Office Management 4.00
UU-HOM-3080-UG Health Safety and Wellness 4.00

Year 3

Required Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits
UU-HOM-4010-UG Food and Beverage Contemporary Issues 4.00
UU-ECO-4000-UG Micro and Macro Economics in Hotel and Tourism 4.00
UU-HOM-4020-UG Strategic Hotel Planning 4.00
UU-ACC-4030-UG Accounting I & II 4.00
UU-HOM-4060-UG International Hotel Management 4.00
UU-FIN-4035-UG Finance for Hospitality Managers 4.00
UU-LAW-4040-UG Tourism and Hospitality Law 4.00
UU-HOM-4047-UG Hospitality IT Systems 4.00
UU-HOM-4050-UG Strategy and Business Planning 4.00
UU-IPR-5000-UG Internship & Project Report
BA in Tourism and Hospitality Management
Course Information
  • Delivery Mode: Blended Learning
  • Programme Type: Bachelor of Arts