Duke of Edinburgh Teacher's Brunch

Duke of Edinburgh Teachers’ Brunch in Uganda

Following Unicaf’s partnership with the Duke of Edinburgh International Awards, a Teachers’ Brunch was organised to show appreciation to international school teachers, and be able to showcase Unicaf’s offers and programmes to them.

The Brunch was split into two sessions. The first session was presented by Dr Moses Mpanga, a clinical psychologist, and Mr Paul Rizik from Silver Bolt, and it involved helping the teachers identify key elements of their own personalities through puzzle solving.

Through the puzzles, the attendees were able to test some of their personality traits, like patience and their ability to handle a physical conundrum.

The second session had more to do with mental wellness and it was presented by Ms Juliet Nassali. This session was about providing a simple guide on how to safeguard one’s mental wellbeing and identity and address mental wellness-related issues within the school environment to ensure continued productivity. Ms Nassawi encouraged the teachers to take some time out of the day to focus on themselves and also to avoid having any expectations in order to keep an open mind and avoid disappointment.

After the sessions, the attendees were given forms to fill out where they could leave feedback to the Unicaf staff about their experience at the brunch, and also leave suggestions for future events. According to the feedback, many individuals were interested in this topic and would like more educational and insightful sessions to be organised. The feedback also helped several attendees discover their true potential and discover more about themselves, which will encourage them to spare more time for themselves.

Overall, the session was a resounding success and we are proud to have organised such a well-received event. We will do our best to organise another one soon that will hopefully yield the same result!

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