The 2022 Mwiri League comes to an end after gripping climax

When old school friends reconnect after several years, good things are bound to happen. Such is the case with Old Boys soccer and cricket leagues which have been growing in popularity over the past few years. Depending on the year of study at Busoga College Mwiri, the Old Boys distribute themselves into chronological teams. 

Unicaf, as a major sponsor, took its place at the event promoting its world class education programmes.

The summer of ‘22 saw an upsurge of Mwiri Old Boys Association activity on both the soccer and cricket grounds. These league games are seen as a networking avenue between old school pals as well as promoting health and recreation among its members.

September 10th was the season’s grand finale with 6 participating teams from both the cricket and soccer league. 

The final outcome was Atletico Muniga, class of 2002-2007, crowned Kings of the 2022 Mwiri League in the cricket discipline. Salvo, class of 1998-2003, crowned Kings of the 2022 Mwiri League in the soccer discipline. 

The day was full of thrills and excitement and Unicaf was cheering on the members of the Old Boys League. 

For Unicaf, all teams are winners and Unicaf awarded each member of the league with a generous scholarship to further pursue their career and dreams. 

About Unicaf

Unicaf is a global higher education organisation offering generous scholarships to eligible candidates in order to pursue Bachelor, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees with its partner universities in the UK and Africa. Currently these partner universities are Liverpool John Moores University, the University of East London, the University of Suffolk and multi-campus Unicaf University in Africa. 


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