Uganda Police Force Strengthens Collaborative Efforts with Unicaf and Kacita

The Uganda Police Force is pleased to announce its continued commitment to enhancing organisational structure and professional development through collaborative efforts with Unicaf and Kacita. The Police institution, renowned for its comprehensive educational and HR support system, recognises the importance of continuous training for senior command officers. As part of this endeavour, the Police Senior Command and Staff College Bwebajja has been actively engaged in exploring various collaboration opportunities.

In a recent development, Unicaf’s marketing team successfully established connections with the Senior Commissioner of Police, Moses Kafeero Kabugo, and Administrator of the Police Senior Command and Staff College Bwebajja. These interactions aimed to identify and pursue potential partnership prospects. As a result, Unicaf and Kacita extended their support for training programmes designed to strategically explore engagement opportunities.

The latest training session centred around the topic of “Preparing for Retirement.” The esteemed guest speaker, Dr Barbara Alungat, Deputy Commandant, delivered an enlightening presentation on this crucial subject matter. The session provided invaluable insights to senior command officers, equipping them with essential knowledge and skills to effectively prepare for their retirement.

The event commenced with a comprehensive presentation by Prof. George Nasinyama, Vice-Chancellor of Unicaf University in Uganda, who shared valuable perspectives on preparing for retirement. The commandant and the administrator of the Police Senior Command and Staff College Bwebajja expressed their gratitude to Unicaf for initiating this collaboration. They both acknowledged the significance of this platform in fostering further cooperation between the Uganda Police Force and Unicaf.

Higenyi Samson, the Administrator of Kacita, also participated in the training session, extending his support and expertise to enhance the officers’ understanding of retirement planning and its associated challenges.

The Uganda Police Force firmly believes that such collaborations and knowledge-sharing initiatives will strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of its senior command officers. By partnering with reputable institutions like Unicaf and Kacita, the Force aims to continually equip its personnel with the necessary skills and expertise to serve the community better.


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