Unicaf University and Kacita co-host Virtual Cyber Security Webinar

Unicaf University recently hosted a virtual Cyber Security webinar in partnership with Kacita. The event, centred around the theme “Information Security in our way of life,” was designed to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of the ever-evolving field of information security and its significance in our daily lives. The webinar attracted an esteemed group of attendees from various sectors.

The main facilitator of the webinar was Mr Herbert Olowo, Head of Operations and IT at ABSA Bank Ltd. Mr Olowo brought his extensive expertise in the field of cyber security to the event, ensuring that participants received valuable insights and knowledge on the latest developments and best practices in this crucial domain. 

The session proved to be both informative and engaging, contributing significantly to the attendees’ understanding of cyber security issues. Participants were equipped with the necessary tools and resources to enhance their information security practices in their personal and professional lives. Among the notable attendees were:

  • Dr Maggie Kigozi, former Chairperson of Uganda Investment Authority and currently Director at Crown Beverages. Dr. Kigozi’s presence highlighted the importance of cyber security in the business and investment sectors
  • Honorable Victoria Sekitoleko, former Minister of Agriculture and currently Chairperson of the Governing Board of Uganda Agribusiness Alliance and Board Member of Private Foundation Sector. Honorable Sekitoleko’s participation emphasised the relevance of information security in the agricultural and public sectors

The Cyber Security webinar showcased Unicaf University’s commitment to fostering knowledge and awareness in the field of cyber security. By bringing together industry experts and influential figures, Unicaf University continues to facilitate the exchange of ideas and promote best practices in this vital area.

Unicaf University expresses its sincere gratitude to Mr Herbert Olowo, Dr Maggie Kigozi, Honorable Victoria Sekitoleko and all the participants for their invaluable contributions to the success of the webinar. The event served as a significant milestone in advancing cyber security awareness and preparedness in Africa.


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